I'm Natalie, a brand designer extraordinaire, dedicated to helping creative business owners ignite their passions and transform them into thriving, one-of-a-kind brands. If you've ever felt that building a brand is like embarking on a wild adventure, then you're in the right place! I'm here to guide you through a thrilling journey where creativity knows no bounds.

Picture this: your business, born out of love and a burning desire to make a difference, deserves a brand that goes beyond the ordinary. That's where my expertise shines! With a background as an art director, graphic designer, and video producer, I bring a wealth of experience and a sprinkle of magic to every project.

But here's the secret sauce – I believe that design isn't just about making things look pretty. It's about crafting an experience that captivates and connects. I'm all about infusing your brand with personality, injecting it with a little bit of badassery, and turning heads in the process. Together, we'll embark on an exhilarating creative journey, where we'll dig deep into the core of your brand and extract the most authentic and meaningful elements.

So, if you're ready to start on an adventure that will take your brand to unprecedented heights, let's dive in! Together, we'll create a brand that defies expectations, delights your audience, and fuels your dreams. Buckle up, my friend, because this is going to be one heck of a ride!

Let's create a brand that leaves you inspired, breaks free from the ordinary, and celebrates genuine connections.

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Sparking creativity, building extraordinary brands, and savoring life's sweet moments are my jam.

You have the vision, the passion, and the drive. My job is to help bring that vision to life and make it stand out in the crowded digital world. 

When you work with me, you can expect a truly personalized experience. I take the time to get to know you, your business, and your goals. I'm not just here to design for you, I'm here to be your partner in this journey and to help you reach new heights. So, if you're ready to take your brand to the next level and make a real impact, let's get started! I can't wait to see what we'll create together."

for business owners that are passionate; fully pursuing dreams that set their heart on fire


I knew that I needed to really invest in my business and take a huge risk on myself. I got uncomfortable and made the move to California to focus on me and grow Alt Creative to all I know it is!


Sept 2022

Jan 2022

Started Alt Creative to finally pursue my dreams of owning my own business and help other business owners realize their own potenial!!!

Worked at a megachurch in Florida as the Project Manager, Print  Coordinator, Film Producer, Lead Designer, then Art Director... pretty much jumping up the "Creative Ladder"

Honestly, I'm only interested in designing my own website to make myself the nostalgia of a Myspace profile making days.... I should hide a music player on here.

Hello pandemic! The year I started realizing... the vibes were not immaculate where I was. I knew 
I needed to scadaddle.


An angel was born (me) in sunny Puerto Rico :) 

Hola- get to know me :)

🍭 ​if you love me, you'll surprise me with a PayDay, pistachio ice cream or fig newtons :) 

🏝️ ​i was born in Puerto Rico, live in San Francisco and looove traveling - just did a cross-country road trip

🎷 Jazz is my fav music to start the day off with, it's just sooo relaxing. Sets the tone for main character energy for sure lol

re: Natalie Fun Facts

If we were meeting in person, I imagine we’d meet on a boat drinking mimosas at a nice networking event. We'd talk all about your dreams, passions, what got your into your business... I see how hard you’ve been working, all of the new things you’re starting, and I love how it looks on you.

Only thing? I did happen to see your flyer that you handed me at the beginning of this little soiree… it had some good information. But, I see you, and you know your brand AND your website could use something to match your immaculate vibes. I’m just saying what you already know.

That’s where I come in.

If something is telling you that you need to work with me, let's talk and I'll get you started.

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"Her process helped me narrow down what I was really looking for with branding my business. Natalie is creative and helpful with helping me identify everything that goes in to a brand"

"I get so many compliments and I am proud to show off my brand."

Natalie listened to and understood my brand needs. She also provided helpful ideas. She is responsive, hard working and quick to solve any problems. She is a master at her craft!

"I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I feel like the brand so me!"

Natalie helped me narrow down what I was really looking for with branding my business. Natalie is creative and helpful with helping me identify everything that goes in to a brand. Everything really evokes the message that I try to portray with the brand.

"My brand is so fresh! "